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Sukoró Sport Enthusiast Association

Addresse: 8096 Sukoró, Berkenye str.15.
Tax number:18502105-1-07
Account number:10405066-50505649-53551007
Representative: Kriszta Halász 
Telephone: +36 (30) 428-11-06
What the goal of the association is:
Most of the population participates in many different sports (tennis, football, cycling, fishing, dancing, pool, gymnastics, etc.) Gymnastics has been present for many years now. Every year more and more people decide to take up this sport and actively attend classes.
The goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle to locals and encourage them to participate in sports. In the case of children we expose them to playful activities at an early age. This way it is likely that sports will become a part of their lifestyle when they become adults. The physiological effects of an active lifestyle are especially important, as many illnesses can be prevented through it while maintaining a healthy body. Its community building aspect is also important. Frequent sports activities create a community regardless of age. Because there are many different sports in the Sukoró we wish to harmonize them into a unified framework. New people are always welcome!
We can organize colorful and rich programs and we would have more opportunities for the development and purchase of sports gear through projects.
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