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Sukoró Artifical Turf Football Pitch

The football pitch may be used freely – for its intended use – by anyone. For any sporting event permission must be granted by the local council.
Before using the pitch you must ask for permission from the caretaker 
Caretaker: József Incze  +36 (30) 936-8649
You can get the key to the pitch from the caretaker by providing your name and phone number (8096 Sukoró, Ady E. str. 9.)
Keep the gate closed when not using the pitch. Rules regarding use are displayed on the gate entrance.
The person receiving the key is personally responsible for complying with the rules.
Use of the pitch is free for preschoolers, students and residents with a permanent address in Sukoró.

The pitch may be used:
In the summer season (May 1st -September 30th) Monday-Sunday from 8am to 8pm.
In the winter season (October 1st – April 30th) Monday-Sunday from 8am to 4pm
The key is taken back after the caretaker has inspected the pitch.
The pitch is used based on the following rules:
1. Footballs and other equipment are not provided.
2. The pitch can only be used while wearing special shoes, indoor football boots or gym shoes.
3. Smoking and disposal of matches and cigarettes is prohibited within 5 meters of the pitch.
4. Eating, chewing and throwing gum away is prohibited on the pitch
5. Taking glass on the pitch is prohibited.
6. Taking any sharp or pointy object onto the pitch is prohibited
7. Animals are prohibited from entering the pitch
8. You can only enter the pitch through the gate.
9. Before entering the pitch shoes must be cleaned.
10. When not in use the pitch is closed to prevent possible vandalism.
11. In the winter the pitch cannot be used if it covered in snow, the snow is melting or is slippery.
12. We inform you that the pitch can only be used at your personal responsibility. Any vandalism will incur compensation outside of prosecution. Use is inspected by the council. We ask everyone to follow the rules and play safely
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