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Mediterranean Hostel

Owner's name: László Andó
Address: 8096 Sukoró, Köpüs street 34.
Telephone: +36 30/9771-743
Other contact:
Open from : every year from April 14th to the end of October
Öreghegyi Hostel


Owner's name: István Hartal
Owner's address: 8096 Sukoró Hóvirág str. 6.
Telephone: +36 (20) 9708-891, +36 (22) 475-953
Open: 05.15-09.30






Aranyhal Hostel


Owner's name: Zsuzsanna Bogyó
Owner's address: 8096 Sukoró Kalász street 1/a
Telephone: 20-349-0090
Other contact:
Address: Sukoró Kalász street 1/b
Open: all year


Nyerítő Equestrian Garden
Owner's address: 8096 Fő street 39.
Telephone: +36 (30) 904-5881
Address: 8096 Sukoró, Fő street 39.


Panoráma Hostel
Owner's name: Andrea Schlett
Telephone: (+36) 30/345-9530
Address: 8096 Sukoró, Köpüs str. 24.
Open: all year
Accommodation details:
Seasonal prices are in effect after booking at least 5 days. Can be booked for a longer period.
Price as agreed upon
Maximum capacity: (person) 4+1 person (extra bed)
 The owner takes responsibility for the information provided here.
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