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Don't just go on a hike, explore!

Get to know the Velence Mountains while hiking.

Take nature studying trips in the Velence Mountains. These trips take you along the western, central and eastern side of the mountains through scenic locations. The most significant sights are the granite and andesite rock formations that hide small caves that possess a morphology unique to Hungary. If you want to know more about the geology, wildlife, history of the mountains, the small caves, the secrets of Pákozdvár from the bronze age and its underground passages, if you wish to stray from the known path and explore rock formations and like challenges then your place is here.

Always leave the known path for the unknown one.

Trips are led by Dr Péter Tarsoly speleologist a member of the Hungarian Speleologist Association who has participated in over 50 cave explorations. The trips do not require any special equipment only a flashlight.

In the case of school trips the price is 700Ft/person. It is free for the accompanying teachers.
Information: +36 (30) 402-8300,
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