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About Sukoró

The village of Sukoró. Lying in the area of Lake Velence and Vértesalja, is a town of beautiful lay and panorama with an invitatory atmosphere which well deserves to be called the pearl of lake Velence. The village having some 1300 inhabitants nowadays has been inhabited ever since the ancestral times. After the almost total depopulation in the Turkish times the village was resettled in two waves. In the first waves Calvinist Hungarian settlers arrived who in the second wave were followed by mainly German Catholic communities in the third quarter of the 18th century.
Sukoró cautiously preserving its building traditions is rich in folk monuments while there are a number of new and renovated houses maintaining traditional structures. It is worth spending time admiring the beautifully maintained Catholic church as well as the Calvinist church keeping historic memories, the ancient walls of which keep the most glorious moments of Hungarian history where the forming Hungarian defence army kept its war-council before the Pákozd-Sukoró battle and this was the place of organization of the first organized national army.
The wine-cellars are the evidence of early flourishing grape and vine-culture. The wine was stored in linear wine-cellars cut in the loess walls of the slopes near the vineyard. The present of the village is characterized by development. Good examples for that are the investments of the local authorities. By the self-financed enlargement of the old building of the kindergarten a modern kindergarten and a 4-room school located in the attic was handed over. The local authority also takes part in the construction of exclusive residential houses as an independent investor. Recreation is ensured besides bathing in Lake Velence, angling and boating by high standard restaurants. Important points in connection with being attractive are the natural environment, the beauty of the land, the established culture and the welcoming ability of the residents but the conscious strategy of the local authority, new way of public administration with service-providing approach, by which the attractiveness of the town could be increased is also important.
In connection with the existing or the achieved results in the above mentioned fields the logo of the town is proud to say that “It’s great to live here!”
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